National Red Wine Day (Oct. 15): Pairing Tips

Two couples toasting at dining table in yard

Two couples toasting at dining table in yard
In honor of National Red Wine Day (tomorrow, Oct. 15), the experts at AJ’s Fine Foods provided their top picks for fail-safe red wine and cheese pairings (and a few white-wine tips, for kicks). Happy sipping!

  • For red wine the best cheese pairing are blues, Stilton and gorgonzola.
  • The fruit-driven cabernet maintains a high ripe fruit character, while still maintaining some acid these wines will be low in tannin.
  • For import selections, fruit forward wines such as tempranillo and grenache from Spain or Shiraz from Australia will complement these cheese selections.
  • Ruby port and Stilton is a classic. Ruby port shows bright ripe fruit and the salt content of the cheese will be a counter point to the fruit.


  • For oak-driven, heavier chardonnay, look to pair with heavy creamy cheeses (brie, camembert).
  • The density of the chardonnay with its acid will pair with the bold creamy styled cheese.
  • Goat cheese is best to pair with high-acid white wines, like sauvignon blanc, Sancerre, gruner veltliner, muscadet and Champagne.  These high-acid wines complete the tart, creamy, intense cheese.
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