Grocery Great: Coco 21

coco 21
The summer may be nearing its ends–but that doesn’t mean Arizona necessarily got the memo. Because we still have a few weeks of 90-degree days, we have found the perfect cool-you-down drink as we head into October: Coco 21. Coco 21, which was founded locally, is the first line of premium ready to serve coconut water and vodka cocktails that are low-calorie (all under 90 calories per serving), gluten-free, and naturally delicious.
For those who don’t like over-the-top, sugary cocktails, this option is for you: all you need to do is pour it over ice. No-frills, low-maintenance. And the great tastes also proves that simplicity is the way to go. The coconut flavor comes through big time, and the alcohol isn’t overpowering.
Coco 21 is available in four flavors: Original, Pineapple, Guava, and Cocorita (a take on the classic margarita). Coco 21 can be purchased at Fry’s, Albertsons, Total Wine, Bashas and Safeway locations throughout Arizona for $12.99 per bottle.
While it is first and foremost delicious, Coco 21 is also a point of local pride. Coco 21’s founder Brian Kaplan grew up in Phoenix, attended the University of Arizona and currently resides in Scottsdale with his family

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