Breweries in Arizona

Local is better. And beer is no exception to the rule. Arizona is chock-full of incredible breweries, from way down in Tucson to way up in Flagstaff–and everywhere in between. Here are a few of our favorites.
SanTan Brewing Company SanTan Brewing Company opened in 2007 in Downtown Chandler and has since been whipping up some of the Valley’s best beer to be found in a can (or on tap). SanTan’s award-winning Devil’s Ale is a new breed of American West Coast Pale Ales and probably the brewing company’s most well-known beer.
Four Peaks Brewery We’re pretty sure we haven’t met a single Arizonan (who is over 21 years of age, of course) who has not tried Four Peaks’ Kiltlifter. The popular selection from the Tempe-based brewery is served at restaurants throughout the state and is readily available at most local grocery stores.
Oak Creek Brewing Company Any visit up north isn’t complete without a stop by Oak Creek Brewing Company in Sedona. A fan favorite is the award-winning Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale, due to its nutty and spicy flavor that is dark but not too dark. Plus, its northern Arizona restaurant dishes up some tasty eats, as well.
Beaver Street Brewery Stop by this Flagstaff restaurant any night of the week and there is most likely a wait for a table at this popular college town restaurant. One of the reasons it is worth the wait? Beaver Street Brewery’s Bramble Berry beer. The light ale has a refreshing raspberry flavor.

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