Beer Tastings and Beer Dinners at Carefree Station


Yet another reason to be excited that it’s fall in Arizona: beer! Throughout the months of October and November, Carefree Station is celebrating the fall with weekly beer tastings every Sunday and beer dinners every Wednesday. The Valley’s Carefree Station is also introducing a new BevHeaven spirits menu, a selection of rare, yet affordable liquors. Selections from this new menu are being offered at 50 percent off throughout October.

The beer tastings (a k a Beer Communions) will be held every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. throughout October and November at the rooftop Bev Heaven bar. Every week, a different selection of beers will be sampled, including Belgium brews, the Lost Abbey brewery, and fall seasonal beers to name a few. The tastings will introduce beer lovers to unique, hard to find selections, including Orchard White, Lost Abbey Inferno Ale, Papier, and Abita Pecan Harvest. For $15, guests can sample 7 to 8 beers and nosh on appetizers that have been chosen to pair well with the selections. Experts will be on hand to answer questions about the beer and provide recommendations. The most popular selections from the tastings will then be chosen to accompany select entrees for Wednesday night beer dinners. New entrees will be created especially for the beer dinners, so the cuisine will complement the unique flavors of the beer. The dinners will feature three courses, with an 8-ounce beer served with each course for $35.

Also throughout the month of October, Carefree Station is having a “Great Spirit Awakening,” offering 50 percent off select spirits in celebration of the new BevHeaven spirits menu. Carefree Station has compiled a bible of the top-rated, yet oftentimes lesser known liquor selections, to offer guests the chance to try a higher quality spirit with their cocktail selection. A wide variety of Rum, Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Bourbon, Scotch, Whiskey, and Cordials are included in the bible, including such selections as George Dickel Whiskey, Pearl Canada Vodka, and Familia Partada Blanco Tequila.

While these brands of spirits are surprisingly affordable compared to their more popular counterparts, Carefree Station is offering an incentive to try something new by featuring five of the best spirits each day of the week at 50 percent off: Monday – Scotch; Tuesday – Rum; Wednesday – Whiskey; Thursday – Tequila; Friday – Gin; Saturday – Vodka; Sunday – Cordials and Cognacs. Additionally, sample flights of the five featured spirits are available for $5 and $6. 7212 Ho Hum Road, Carefree, 480.488.8182,


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