Recipes: Well + Being Spa’s Smoothies and Juices

Strawberry fruit drink

This summer, Well + Being Spa at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess celebrates health and wellness with its “Good Life” team of fitness, nutrition and beauty experts. The team is planning a “Happy & Healthy” calendar of interactive events through Labor Day weekend, including sessions on tips for making healthy smoothies, acupuncture for sleep and laughing yoga. To tempt those tastebuds this summer in the healthiest way, here are smoothie and juice recipes from the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess’ “Good Life” team.

Detox Juice
Servings: 1
1 Red Beet
4 Kiwi
2 Carrots
1 Knob Ginger

Cut fruit into small enough pieces to go through juicer. Juice all and chill or serve over ice.

*Beets contain the highest sugar levels of any vegetables, which is great for an energy boost. They also contain folates, vitamin C, and potassium to help regulate blood pressure and nerve function. When mixed with the carotenoids in carrots, the combination is believed to help reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Kiwis are high in antioxidants and ginger is a digestive aid.

Game Time Hydrator
Servings: 1
1 ½ Lemon Grass Stalk, Blanched
6 Lychee, Peeled and Pitted
½ Small Pineapple, Peeled
¼ Honeydew, Peeled and Seeded

Cut the fruit into small enough pieces to go through juicer. Juice all ingredients and chill or serve over ice.

*Drink this juice pre-workout to help keep fluid levels up, blood sugar stable, heart rate regular, and body temperature down.

Chef David’s Power Smoothie
Servings: 1
½ C Plain, Low Fat Yogurt
4oz Organic Apple Juice
1 Banana, Ripe and Peeled
2 Strawberries
½ C Ice
1T Wheat Germ

Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.

*Apple juice, banana, and strawberries give a natural sugar boost. Strawberries also contain more vitamin C than any red berry which has antiviral and antibiotic properties, along with containing lignin, which may help control blood cholesterol. Wheat germ contains protein, fiber, B vitamins, and folate, which are all critical for brain and cardiovascular health.

Whole Food Smoothie
Servings: 1
¼ C Kale, De-stemmed and Roughly Chopped
½ C Spinach
4ea Strawberries
1/3 Banana
1C Organic Orange Juice
1T Coconut Flake, Unsweetened
2T Powdered Flax Seed
1T Chia Seed, Soaked

Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.

*Superfood kale contains high amounts of calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and beta carotene, along with the antioxidant lutein. Chia and flax seeds are loaded with fiber, antioxidants and are nutrient rich while being low in calories. The orange juice, strawberries, and banana give this smoothie a healthy energy boost from natural sugar.

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