Recipes: Espresso-Infused Cocktails

Tequila Avión has launched the first-ever espresso tequila made with Avión Silver tequila. Using only the best quality ingredients, Avión created an ultra-smooth, ultra-premium espresso liqueur–the perfect refreshing sip for a summer day. Try out these decacadnet new tequila in these three kicky cocktails.
iced coffee
The Iced Espresso
1 part Avión Espresso
1 part Italian Espresso
1 part soda water
Pour ingredients into a high ball glass over ice. Stir. Serve with or without milk. Garnish with three espresso beans.
The Afterhours
1 part Avión Espresso
2 parts Avión Anejo
Pour ingredients into a rocks glass over ice. Stir.
The Irish Espresso
Bartenders call it: The Red Eye
1 part Avión Espresso
1 part Jameson Whiskey
Pour ingredients into a rocks glass over ice. Stir.

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