Recipe: Pickled Peach Sorbet

Flagstaff’s newest restaurant, Shift, welcomes in summer with a scoop of this refreshing—yet unexpected—sorbet.
Pickled Peach Sorbet
Sorbet Base:
32 oz. Water
3 ½ oz. Glucose syrup or light corn syrup
28 oz. Granulated Sugar
Pickled Peaches:
4 Peaches, sliced and pitted
2 C Champagne vinegar
1 C Water
½ C Sugar
Pickled peaches: Bring Champagne vinegar, water and sugar to a boil. Pour over peaches. Seal, and marinade in a jar for a week. Take out peaches, and reserve them for another dish. Take pickling peach liquid, and reserve for sorbet. Sorbet: Heat water, glucose syrup or corn syrup and granulated sugar to 280 degrees in a saucepot. Cool. Whisk together sorbet base and pickling peach liquid. Spin in ice cream machine until desired consistency. Serve.

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