Queen Creek Olive Mill Debuts New Product Line

Fans of Queen Creek Olive Mill’s incredible selection of olive oils, olive, tapenades and other tasty products are in for a treat during their next visit: Queen Creek Olive Mill has debuted a new line of homemade pasta sauces. The new line includes four delicious flavors:
Simply Red Sugo Marinara – The simplest tomato sauces consist just of chopped red-ripened plum tomato flesh, cooked in a little extra virgin olive oil and simmered until it loses its raw flavor, then seasoned with salt, fresh herbs, onion and garlic. Use this naturally balanced red sauce (“Sugo”) as it is or as a base to create an original signature red sauce.
Arizona Chipotle Arrabiata – In Italian “Arrabiata” loosely translates to “angry.” The name is inspired by its characteristic spicy flavor. The Mill uses fire roasted chipotle peppers to evoke an earthier, smoky taste in this unique piquant sauce. It’s an angry sauce that will delight the taste buds.
White Truffle & Wild Mushrooms – The earthy aroma of white truffle infused extra virgin olive oil in combination with lightly roasted porcini  and crimini mushrooms make it a perfect out of the jar red sauce for pasta or meat based dishes. The flavors are deep and distinct. Toss with fettuccine or a favorite pasta.
Puttanesca – Historians have suggested the Bay of Naples as the birthplace of this pasta sauce named after the local women of easy virtue. All the ingredients are just as easy to put your hands on, making this a quick and satisfying meal. The Puttanesca is best served over spaghetti with a hearty Chianti.
For more info on Queen Creek Olive Mill’s new homemade pasta sauce line and for fall event details, visit http://www.queencreekolivemill.com/.

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