Grocery Great: Skinny Pasta

I think we can all agree that pasta is one of the best inventions ever, but it unfortunately isn’t the best option for those trying to live a healthier lifestyle (of course, everything in moderation). Now, there is an alternative for dieters who still want to enjoy pasta dishes while not packing in the calories: Skinny Pasta.

Skinny Pasta recently made its US debut and is made with the Konjac plant, which is native to Southeast Asia and contains glucomannan, a dietary fiber. It has long been popular in countries around the globe, and those in the US are excitedly hopping aboard the Skinny Pasta train because it is completely free of sugar, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat and preservatives. It has only nine calories, to boot!

Perfect for pasta dishes, salads, soups, stews or snacks, Skinny Pasta is available in a variety of forms, like a traditional noodle shape, couscous, spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccini and rice. (We recently used the noodles in a chicken stirfry and the lasagna variety in a decadent–but super healthy–butternut squash lasagna.) It has convenience on its side too as it is ready to eat within one to three minutes (you can simply add hot water, microwave it, put it in the wok, etc.) But is it tasty? Skinny Pasta takes on the flavor of its surrounding ingredients (like tofu does) so it blends seamlessly into your favorite dishes. And its texture is similar to that of regular pasta.

Click here for delicious Skinny Pasta recipes. Available on Amazon.

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