Grocery Great: Chocolate Mousse

In this week’s Grocery Great, guest writer ForXx explores the best store-bought chocolate mousse for Mother’s Day dessert.
chocolate mousse
Chocolate mousse is plentiful at fancy restaurants, but what about your local grocer? I sought out the best choices for chocolate mousse from cake to ice cream that can be found at the grocery store. What I found were some pleasant surprises. In case there are some thoughtful sons and daughters out there who want to cook dinner for their mom, a great dessert would be one of these–especially the mousse they can prepare with their own loving hands.
The Sara Lee Mousse Inspired Ice Cream was incredible. Smooth, chocolaty and all the guilt you would expect. It was packaged in a container seemingly fit for one to thoroughly indulge in, but I’m sure if you sit close enough you can share. Found at Safeway.
The Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake was absolutely sinful. This should come with a warning: Addictive, indulgent, fattening, delicious. May cause weakness in legs. Found at AJ’s.
My third pick was a Chocolate Mousse Mix. It’s a sugar-free, 70-calorie-per-serving alternative to the pre-made concoctions. I followed the easy directions, only adding milk. (I used Shamrock Fat Free which is delicious and creamy for a fat-free selection.) It came out perfectly. I enjoyed every smooth, chocolaty spoonful and highly recommend it. I found it at AJ’s also in the pudding aisle. Priced gently for your taste buds. It was a real steal. Enjoy!

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