Godiva Announces New Collection

I know it is barely August, but I thought you could use a dose of holiday spirit. After the crazy dust storms that have been hitting the Valley lately and still-scorching temps, thoughts of Christmas certainly couldn’t hurt. So here it goes: Godiva, one of the leaders in luxury chocolate, has announced a delightful new collection that is scheduled to debut this holiday season: Parfait Chocolates. The Godiva Parfait Chocolate Collection is slated to hit shelves Nov. 1, just in time to be the perfect hostess gifts for your holiday get-togethers.
The collection will comprise six delectable flavors, each enveloped in a rich chocolate shell. The Mocha Almond Parfait layers light coffee ganache with almond praline and chocolate glaze, topped off with a sprinkling of crumbled chocolate. The Death by Chocolate Parfait layers intense dark chocolate ganache with an 85 percent dark chocolate glaze, topped with cocoa nibs. The Strawberry Cream Trifle Parfait layers strawberry ganache and white chocolate-strawberry mousse sprinkled with dried strawberries. Equally delicious is the Pear Almond Tarte Parfait, featuring layers of pear ganache, almond praline and milk chocolate glaze in a milk chocolate cup topped with caramelized almond crumbles. Godiva has also included a holiday-friendly Chocolate Spice Cake Parfait, composed of a spiced milk chocolate ganache on a bed of hazelnut praline, layered with dark chocolate glaze and topped with dark chocolate shavings. The Éclair Parfait combines vanilla custard ganache with 85 percent dark chocolate glaze in a milk chocolate cup.
When the Godiva Parfait Chocolate Collection makes its debut this holiday season, all six varieties will be available in the chocolate case at Godiva retail locations ($2.50 per piece) as well as in gift box collections. An eight-piece gift box ($20) as well as an 18-piece gift box ($45.00) will be available in retail stores and http://www.godiva.com/.

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