Eco-Friendly Redleaf Water

When the summer temperatures start to surface (as they are now), only one thing can truly cool you off: the one and only H20. You can suck on all the Popsicles and gulp down all the beer you’d like, but water is definitely our No. 1 friend during these beastly summer months. One bottled water to consider is redleaf, which is new to Phoenix and now available at Albertson’s.

The Canada-based redleaf (the water is harvested from the Canadian Rockies) prides itself on being eco-friendly and touts a zero-waste bottling process. Just how does that work? According to the company, recycled heat and air conditioning maintain the redleaf facility temperature, and the plant is steam sterilized which means that no chemicals are needed to clean the facility. Plus, redleaf bottles are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic that is 25 perfect recycled. The bottle, cap and shrink wrap are 100 percent recyclable. The company also uses earth-friendly ink on its packaging and a laser-etched expiration date that requires no ink use, thereby making recycling easier for its customers. Additionally, the bottles are shipped using electric forklifts on recyclable pallets. Pretty neat, huh?

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  • Mitch Dufrane says:

    I actually just tried this water recently and it taste different that other waters I have tried. I liked it a lot.

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