Bake It Pretty

You might have noticed by now that I really, really love to bake. Perhaps my many postings on cupcakes gave it away? Anyways, baking is even more fun when the goodies are adorned with lovely decorations, nestled in a perfect box and covered with colorful sprinkles. Therefore, I’m confident Bake It Pretty was made for me ( They even carry quite a selection of retro, plastic cake decorations! Take a look at some of my favorite finds:
Fluted Flowers Cups, about $4 for 75 liners. These just scream spring, and I love the perky colors.
Gnome Cookie Cutter, about $2. I love gnomes and cookies. Perfect.
Royal Icing Roses, about $4 for 12. These edible adornments are available in a bunch of fun colors.
Paper Twist Ties, about $2 for 100. These would look so cute wrapped around a clear cellophane bag (stocked with freshly baked cookies).

  1. I too love to bake and agree the cuter the packaging the more fun the treat, not to mention the yummy gift inside.

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