Yummy Yummy, It’s Time to Meet “Let It Brie Charcuterie”

Written by Araianna Shantel Tyler

“Let It Brie Charcuterie” also known as charcuterieaz_ on Instagram started out as a quarantine activity for friends and family. Once the owner, Brooke Cavinder, showcased her creativity, a massive amount of orders began to pile in ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and more.

“Let It Brie Charcuterie” began in January 2021 and has had much success and more to come. Something that “Let it Brie” prides themselves on is that they create each board or grazing table uniquely.

Brooke gets the theme of the event, color scheme, and talks through with her client to ensure that the board is special to that exact customer.

All the meats and cheeses are sourced locally in Arizona providing work for local businesses.

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