5 Ways to Work Off Halloween Treats

Presentation is everything! Domino Arts does it for you.

Presentation is everything! Domino Arts does it for you.
Halloween may be over, but mounds of Reese’s and Twix still linger in your house–and perhaps your waistline. If you are ready to torch the calories from the Halloween sweets, Orangetheory Fitness trainer Mario Garcia, a NSCA certified personal trainer with more than 10 years of personal training experience, has a list of five exercises that are sure to scare off unwanted weight and provide fantastic results.

  1. One-Arm Curl and Press

This exercise requires a dumbbell, which works both the bicep and shoulder muscles of your arms. Begin on either arm, curl the dumbbell up to your shoulder and press it into the air and then lower it back down towards your side. This counts as one rep and three sets of 15 are recommended for each arm. Your arms will look killer after this workout!

  1. Lemon Squeezes

Lemon squeezes are the ultimate ab exercise as it works the entire core. To start, you will balance on your tailbone while holding your legs about six inches from the ground. You will extend both legs and upper body away from each other and then squeeze back together like your original starting position. This equals one rep and three sets of 25 are recommended, leaving your abs looking supernatural!

  1. Mountain Climbers

To begin this exercise, you will start in pushup position, lifting your butt in the air to where your body is in an upside down “V”. You will then bend one leg at a time, knee coming towards your chest while alternating legs as fast as possible. The recommended amount for one rep is 50. This wicked workout will leave you breathless and boo-tiful.

  1. Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian deadlifts are the ultimate solution for stubborn glutes that love to capture unwanted fat. To start, you will pick your preference of weight that you are comfortable with, grab two dumbbells, which will start on the ground. Place your feet shoulder width apart and lean over to grab the dumbbells, keeping your back completely flat. Once you lift the dumbbells, you will then lean back over to lower the dumbbells and this will conclude to one rep. It is recommended to do two sets of 10 to start.

  1. Burpees (pictured)

One exercise that will work the entire body are burpees, working the arms, core, chest, and legs. To begin, start in a squatting position while your hands are placed on the ground, then kick your feet back, go into a pushup, return to a squat, then stand with a jump and repeat. This entire movement is considered one rep and 10 burpee’s are recommended for three sets.

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