Family-Friendly Fun at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

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It is hard to believe that Fairmont Scottsdale Princess was able to improve upon an already-incredible hospitality experience; however, this summer, the resort did just that. Over Memorial Day weekend, the resort unveiled Sunset Beach, its sixth pool that has 830 acres of white sand, fully stocked and comfortable cabanas and is adjacent to 102 new guest rooms.

With the brand-new pool comes with it new ways to savor the summer in Arizona. The kiddos are able to build sandcastles in sand that doesn’t get hot (!) while parents can dig their toes in while reading a good book and ordering up a cocktail or lunch from the poolside menu (the Kitchen Sink salad, topped with crunchy popcorn, is a favorite). When they want to hit the water, guests can even purchase fun rafts from the poolside vendor in shapes like a pizza slice or a doughnut. When the sun goes down, Sunset Beach hosts dive-in movies on Friday and Saturday nights that are suitable for the whole family.

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Along with the new beach and pool is a fresh wing of 102 guest rooms. Contemporary yet warm, the new rooms are decked in grays and light woods and beautiful, nature-inspired artwork to create a comfortable, handsome space. (Request a room with a patio or balcony that oversees the pool, and you may even be able to view the dive-in movies without having to leave your lounge chair.)

In addition to the new Sunset Beach, the Princess has plenty going for it (through Labor Day weekend) with on-site events like the Techno-Glo party, which is sure to please the teenage set; an Aqua Park that features a four-story Aqua Flyer inflatable waterslide and water balloon battles; and the ever-popular Mermaid University and Swashbuckler Academy. At Mermaid University, aspiring mermaids and mermen get a first-hand lesson about life under the sea (and receive a take-home monofin and tail skin of their choosing) while mateys galore get to meet Captain Hook at Swashbuckler Academy and learn some simple sword-fighting techniques, pirate lingo and even get their own pirate name and swag. (Swashbuckler Academy, Mermaid University and Aqua Park adventures are available for an additional fee.) After a fun-filled day, guests are invited to cozy up on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. for an amazing on-site fireworks show.

Labor Day weekend festivities at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. Photographed by Jill Richards

No trip to Fairmont Scottsdale Princess would be complete with digging in to some of the Valley’s best dining destinations. Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar is situated at TPC Scottsdale and dishes up some of the area’s most gorgeous sunset views. The menu is full of flavorful Pan-Latin fare, with favorites being the corn empanada (pictured below), the scallop and pork belly entree, and the Toro-style corn side dish. For dessert, the La Bomba is an experience not to be missed. A chocolate shell, full of gelato, fruit, cookies crumbles and more, is smashed on the guest table (after being covered with a plastic mat) and then drizzled with caramel, chocolate and cherry sauces. If you’re traveling with children, nothing will get them more excited. And the good news is that each component is delish–the presentation isn’t just for show. And, of course, being a rum bar means that the cocktail menu is packed with incredible rum concoctions to suit every taste–from spicy to sweet, from fruity to savory.

toro corn empanadas

At La Hacienda by Richard Sandoval, guests get to choose from 240 tequila varieties and a menu that is so full of goodness, you might find yourself buckling in for an hours-long repast. Order up some of the restaurant’s newest appetizers, including the delicious coconut shrimp (which tastes fresh and not-to-sweet) and the “La Ha” papas fritas with corn, cotija cheese and chile aioli toppling over French fries and served with the tomatillo-avocado ketchup. And there is no missing the guacamole offerings. Order the sampler to get a taste of everything, though the table favorite was the lobster variety that is sweetened up with mango. While the filet a la parilla remains one of the best dishes in the Valley, the seafood enchiladas, full of shrimp and crab, are rich, decadent and utterly amazing. Like Toro’s La Bomba, La Ha’s showstopper is the flaming coffee. The tequila-based drink is not only delicious, but the server creates quite the spectacular among lighting the sugar-and-spiced-rimmed cup on fire. Even though the little ones can’t imbibe, they are surely admire the sights.

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