The Classic Concorde is Now in Lego Form

Lego recently released its buildable version of the world’s first supersonic passenger commercial jet, the Concorde, in a new 2,000-piece set. 

For just under $200, the Lego Concorde set replicates the actual plane with original details and real-life features, including retractable landing gear and an adjustable droop nose. When complete, Lego’s model of the Concorde measures nearly three-and-a-half feet in length with a wingspan of one-and-a-half feet, making it one of the brand’s largest products. 

Built and developed during the 1960s by France-based Aérospatiale and the British Aircraft Corporation, the Concorde is world-famous for being the first passenger-carrying commercial jet to use supersonic speed. While the aircraft was restricted to transatlantic flights due to the sonic booms it created over land, the Concorde could travel from Europe to the U.S. in half of the time it took before. After 27 years of flying, the record-breaking aircraft was retired in 2003. 

Lego has now brought the Concorde back to life with a realistic model kit that boasts many of the same features and functions of the full-size jets that once flew through the sky at twice the speed of sound. The set consists of 2,083 pieces and is designed with the Concorde’s iconic long, thin body and curved delta wing. 

Features of the Lego set that are accurate to the Concorde include the landing gear, which can be raised or lowered by twisting the tail cone, as well the adjustable droop nose that can be lowered as it would on the jets during take off to allow for better visibility. A part of the plane’s outer body can also be removed to reveal its Lego interiors resembling that of the Concorde’s. 

The Lego Concorde set is now available on the Lego website, which can be viewed here.

Photos courtesy Lego

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