The 15 Biggest Travel Trends of the Year

2023 was the year for checking off top bucket list experiences, including cruises to less-visited destinations and the first tourism trip to space. In 2024, travelers are expected to be more intentional with their travel plans with a strong focus on immersive and wellness experiences.  

As people step out into the world with new goals and intentions, here are the biggest travel trends to expect in 2024, as compiled by Condé Nast Traveller UK

1. Astro Tourism

Instead of traveling to explore a new destination, travelers are seeking opportunities to explore the stars above. Many hotels and spas are offering astronomy-focused programs where guests can get away from the noise and lights of the modern world and witness the universe’s celestial wonders. 

2. Eco Diving

Diving offers a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the world that lies under the sea, but this year, divers are specifically choosing diving destinations and scuba centers that are eco-conscious and leaving a positive impact on the environment. 

3. Home Swapping

Home swapping offers an affordable solution to long-term travel. New services allow for travelers to swap homes for a period of time with someone in another location, giving people the chance to explore a new place for a fair trade.  

4. Train Station Dining

Revamped train stations that offer dynamic visitor experiences with shops, restaurants and bars are becoming popular in 2024. 

5. Sports Tourism

Sports have always played a role in recreation and entertainment, but in 2024, sports will integrate into travel as more and more people set out for new destinations surrounding big sporting events, races and other activities. 

6. Cool-cationing

The sunshine of tropical destinations has always attracted travelers, yet this year people are becoming more inclined to visit colder destinations like Iceland, Finland, Scotland and Latvia. 

7. Gig-Tripping

Artists like Taylor Swift have dominated the live music industry and fans are realizing that traveling to their favorite artists’ concerts can be a better deal and more fun than risking not getting tickets in their hometown. 

8. Resort Wellness Retreats

The desire for a long, healthy life and overall well-being is greatly influencing travel this year. Therefore, resorts are investing in the latest health technology and offering wellness retreats and services that immerse guests in luxurious experiences while helping them reach optimal health.

9. Shoulder Season Travel 

Shoulder season is the period between a destination’s peak and off-season. In 2024, travelers will opt for shoulder season travel due to cheaper travel costs, and most importantly, the authentic travel experience that comes with fewer tourists and witnessing the day-to-day life of locals. 

10. Private Group Travel

2024 is seeing an increase in private group travel as extended families plan destination family retreats and as empty nesters join their friends in world-traveling adventures. 

11. AI Travel Guides

Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in travel in 2024 as travelers look to AI-based software for travel recommendations, live language translations and more. 

12. Skip-Gen Travel

Skip-gen travel refers to when grandparents vacation with their grandchildren and skip the generation in between. More and more destinations are creating experiences that target this specific travel group, offering fun ways for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. 

13. Glamourous Train Travel

In 2024, train travel is expected to surge as new rail routes are added and train lines incorporate luxurious guest amenities for brand-new ways to experience the beauty of certain destinations.

14. Restaurateur-Owned Hotels

When it comes to traveling, the accommodation and the food are two top defining factors of a traveler’s experience. That’s why restaurateurs are combining the food and hotel industries into one immersive, dining-focused experience, such as 12-time James Beard award nominee Sam Fox’s Global Ambassador in Phoenix. 

15. Silent Travel

In a world of constant connectivity, people are looking for a way to disconnect from the screen and rush of life. Silent travel will be very popular in 2024, which consists of secluded nature resorts, sleep retreats, silent retreats and even silent group experiences like silent disco. 

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