New High-Speed Bullet Train Will Soon Go Between L.A. & Las Vegas in Just 2 Hours

Brightline is in the works of developing an eco-conscious train system that will take passengers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in just two hours—a travel time twice as fast as the normal drive between the two cities.

Set to hit the rails in 2027, Brightline West will be the first true high-speed passenger rail system in the nation, connecting the two major metropolitan cities with all-electric, zero emission trains that are capable of hitting top speeds of over 186 mph. 

The total travel time is expected to take two hours and ten minutes, which is half the time it takes to travel by car and even slightly quicker than the average non-stop flight from L.A. to Las Vegas. 

The 218-mile train route will take travelers to and from a Brightline station located on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, as well as to and from a station in Rancho Cucamonga that will connect to Southern California’s regional Metrolink service for seamless travel into downtown Los Angeles. On board, passengers will have access to world-class amenities and have their luggage transported from the train directly to their hotel once at their destination. 

According to Brightline, the high-speed rail system is expected to serve more than 11 million one-way passengers each year, which would help reduce the number of cars on the road by 700 million annually and prevent 400,000 tons of carbon from entering the environment each year. 

The locomotive service is also expected to have a significant economic impact by providing over 35,000 constructive jobs and more than 1,000 permanent jobs. The project is near shovel-ready and expected to break ground in the second half of 2023, per Brightline. 

Learn more about the Brightline West travel experience here.

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