Flaming Hot Estate News: Most Expensive Hotel Sale, Warren Buffet, and Student Dept


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“Waldorf Astoria Selling For $1.95 Billion”
It is the most expensive hotel sale in history. The Hilton owned Waldorf Astoria is being sold to Chinese investors for $1.95 billion. That breaks down to $1.3 million per room.

“Big Texas Estate Now 50% Less”
The Tom Hicks Crespi mega-mansion in Dallas with 42,500 square feet and 25 acres went on the market last year as the most expensive home in the United States at $135 million. The acres have been reduced to 10 and the price is now $60 million. Hicks is the former owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

“Student debt flunks housing market”
According to a new study by John Burns Consulting, student loan debt is one of the major factors that is causing a slow U.S. housing recovery. Their research shows that student loan repayments will reduce home sales by about 414,000 this year.

“George Harrison Childhood Home For Sale”
The Liverpool home where George Harrison lived from 1949 to 1962 is for sale. The home is near the neighborhood school where George first met Paul McCartney.

“Trump Exec Denies Drugging Rival”
In a new book, “The Liar’s Ball,” by Vicky Ward about the hard ball tactics sometimes used in the real estate world, a former Donald Trump executive told Ms Ward that he had drugged a rival. He now says the story was something he “embellished” to jazz up a book he was writing.

“Warren Buffett’s Modest Home”
Warren Buffett lives in the same middle-class house he bought in 1958 in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500. He says it is the third best investment he ever made. Buffett says the best two investments are his and his wife’s wedding rings.

“Knute Rockne’s Home For Sale”
Flash back to when Knute Rockne was a huge celebrity and a movie starring Pat O’Brien and Ronald Reagan was made about his life. The Indiana home where Rockne was living at the time of his airplane crash death in 1931 is for sale asking $500,000.

“Tiny Homes Are Trending”
Thinking about downsizing to a much smaller house? Now there is a website where you can find tiny homes to rent.

“Weird But Wonderful Homes”
A home where the floor is a trampoline. Interesting wall graphics, climbing walls and cool indoor slides. “Curbed” has the photos of some unusual homes.

“Where the Million Dollar Homes Are Found”
States with the highest percentage on million dollar homes include Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California, Colorado and New York. The winner is Hawaii.

“Florida’s Top 10 Exciting Cities”
According to the real estate website, Movoto, the #1 Florida city for excitement is Miami Beach – followed by Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Sarasota. Rankings are based on factors such as bars, clubs, parks, movie theaters, and young people.

“Cheap To Buy Mansions”
Mansions in many U.S. cities that were once showpiece homes for the wealthy are often now neglected or in bad neighborhoods or are just too expensive to maintain. The result is great deals on magnificent mansions.

“California Home Was $9 Million – Now $1.995 Million”
Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but selling it might not be so easy. A Glendale, California  six bedroom home that looks like a cross between Lady Gaga, Liberace and Tony Montana was asking $9 million. Now reduced to $1.995 million.

“London, Hong Kong & New York City Most Expensive Cities”
A recent ranking of the world’s most expensive cities to work and live has London as the most expensive city in the world at $120,568 per year. Hong Kong comes in at $115,717 and New York City is in third place at $107,782.

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