Louis Vuitton Plans to Open First Hotel in Paris

Louis Vuitton has plans to transform the French luxury brand’s Paris headquarters into a new experiential complex featuring the first-ever Louis Vuitton hotel and the largest LV storefront, CEO and Chairman Michael Burke told Women’s Wear Daily in a recent interview. 

The reimagined space will give Louis Vuitton clients a “24/7 relationship” with the brand, according to Burke, beginning with the launch of LV Dream next month. Set to remain open for a year, the 20,000-square-foot pop-up installation will showcase Louis Vuitton’s collaborations with top artists, as well as house a gift store and cafe and chocolate shop run by the head pastry chef at Cheval Blanc Paris.

The temporary LV Dream exhibit will most likely be turned into Louis Vuitton’s largest boutique in the world, while the Louis Vuitton hotel is set to open within the next five years in a different portion of the 400,000-square-foot building. 

This massive transformation is designed to provide the brand’s consumers with high-end experiences they can enjoy and indulge in beyond luxury products. As more and more fashion brands venture into hospitality and experiential offerings, Burke believes the Louis Vuitton headquarters are the perfect place to do that. 

Situated by the 13th-century Church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois in the first arrondissement of Paris, the LV headquarters offer unsurpassed panoramic views of the city, spanning from the Eiffel Tower to Notre-Dame de Paris.

Soon, the public will be able to enjoy these views and luxuries themselves, as the building’s offices and business space transform into prized hotel rooms and shopping space.

“My office is not going to be my office within five years, that’s for sure,” Burke told Women’s Wear Daily. “There’s better uses, more contemporary uses for it than a corporate office.”

While details concerning the design and architecture of the renovations are not complete, the new Louis Vuitton space is sure to be spectacular and the designer world can be excited about what the French luxury fashion house has in store in Paris.

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