This Stunning Resort & Its Golf Course Are the Best in The Bahamas

Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts
Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts

The highly anticipated opening of The Bahamas’ luxury resort community, Baha Mar, has this dreamy destination off to a stellar start.

A start so wonderful, in fact, that we have deemed this resort the most stunning (and fun) one in The Bahamas.

Within its walls are three hotels that offer up a total of 2,300 rooms, more pools than you’ll have time to visit, over 40 bars and restaurants, the largest casino in all of the Caribbean, and so much more.

Baha Mar is more than just a resort — it is like a city of its own.

An incredibly luxurious city, that is, full of all the amenities you’ve ever dreamed of.

Each of Baha Mar’s three hotels offers a different experience to guests, so you’re sure to never get bored (though, if you’re getting bored on vacay in The Bahamas ever, something is seriously wrong).

The moment you walk through the spinning doors and enter into the Grand Hyatt, your eyes will light up to match all the life and excitement happening around you.

Here is where your Baha Mar adventures begin.

With the Caribbean’s largest casino just steps away, and certainly calling your name, Baha Mar Casino is where your adventures will continue into the wee hours of the night.

Few casinos have as stunning a view as the one at Baha Mar — with the glittering sea right out the vast windows, and light shows dancing throughout the night, this is far from your average casino.

Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts

Whether you’re sitting down at a Blackjack table for the first time, or you’re a high roller in the skilled game of Baccarat, Baha Mar Casino’s environment has been perfected to ensure guests of all levels are having fun, feeling glam, and loving the luxury.

Baha Mar’s newest hotel, SLS Baha Mar, is all about style and luxe. Appealing more to the nightlife lovers of the world, SLS is nothing short of a five-star hotel experience, with some extra fun sprinkled in.

Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts

The floor-to-ceiling windows of this hotel provide the perfect opportunity to see all that Baha Mar has to offer. And while staying at SLS, you’ll gain access to the hotel’s two SLS-guest-exclusive pools, and some fab poolside butler service.

Slated to open Spring 2018, Rosewood at Baha Mar is the definition of sophistication. The hotel’s nearly 200 rooms will all boast views of the stunning ocean within arm’s reach, and will provide guests the opportunity to spend the day lounging in a luxurious beachfront villa.

Oh yeah, and you’ll definitely find butler service here, too.

Baha Mar is nothing short of grand, and your stay here will be nothing short of absolutely fabulous.

Speaking of grand, let’s talk the art at Baha Mar.

Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts

All locally-sourced, the over 2,500 pieces of art that hang on the resort walls were created by Bahamian artists, and a number of them in-house at the resort’s own studio.

The Current serves as the headquarters for all things artistic at Baha Mar — the ideal place to get a peek into the world of Bahamian art. Artist residencies are on rotation here, giving locals the opportunity to share their work with Baha Mar guests from all over the world.

But creating art for guests to view isn’t all The Current has to offer.

Soon, the resort’s art studio will be offering workshops, lectures, and partnerships to guests and locals in an effort to shine a light on the incredibly talented artistic community here in The Bahamas.

The art that exists at Baha Mar is not only found on the walls, but also on your plate.

When you’ve got 40 restaurants all housed in the same resort, keeping things creative and unique is a must. And the dining experiences at Baha Mar offer up options for absolutely everyone.

Source: Instagram @jessicasayde

Soak up perfectly beachy vibes at the Conch Shack where you’ll watch in awe as the meat of a conch shell (an island favorite) is molded right before your eyes into a plate full of rainbow-colored, exquisite flavors. Be sure to pair that conch salad with the local’s choice beer — Kalik.

Or, feel oh-so Parisian as you cooly sit on the sun-soaked balcony of Cafe Madeleine, sipping on a rich cappuccino perfectly paired with a rich almond croissant, gazing out at the stunning ocean that lay right in front of you. This view gives Paris a run for its money.

Source: Instagram @bahamarresorts

Or, with chopsticks in hand, prepare yourself for the meal of a lifetime in the modern and sexy sushi restaurant, Katsuya. Here, classic Japanese cuisine is transformed into anything but the ordinary. From appetizers to dessert, your mouth will be in heaven, and you’re going to have a hard time coming back down to Earth.

Luckily, here at Baha Mar, you don’t have to come back down to Earth — the resort prefers to keep things dreamy and magical.

And if you’re a golfer, then you are guaranteed to feel the magic of Baha Mar’s golf course, Royal Blue Golf Club.

With Jack Nicklaus’ name behind the design of Royal Blue, you know you are in for a treat.

And, in typical Nicklaus style, you know you are also in for a challenge.

Source: Instagram @royalbluegolf

Our words of advice before heading out for a round at Royal Blue: be sure to practice your bunker shots, and stock up on extra balls.

But you won’t have to worry about hauling your clubs to The Bahamas here. Royal Blue has a world-class club rental program that does more than just hook a bag of generic clubs onto your golf cart.

The course’s “Better Than Your Own” rental program sets you up with a Royal Blue golf pro, who will take you through a club fitting that offers some great options.

You’ll have your pick from favorites such as Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist, as well as next-level options such as PXG and Itobori.

The beauty of Royal Blue’s 72-par course will take your breath away. From the incredibly lush green, rolling fairways, to the contrasting jungle-like rough, Royal Blue’s design is unparalleled.

This 7,200-yard course passes through two natural habitats that encompass more than 15 species of native trees, including Caribbean pines, mangroves, and mahogany. You’ll also spot life in the form of 70 species of birds, as well as a variety of local fish throughout the course.

Source: Instagram @royalbluegolf

But it all begins at hole number one, where your first drive launches you into a journey through Royal Blue’s front nine.

Breathtaking views of the ocean, the resort, and the stunning white sand dunes may distract you. But, don’t worry — you will quickly be welcomed back to reality when you find yourself in one of the many bunkers or salt-water ponds that are scattered throughout the front nine.

Hopefully you’ll be able to shake off some of your losses on the front nine, because making the turn to the back is like stepping onto an entirely different course.

A bit more forgiving, the landscape of Royal Blue’s back nine is equally as stunning as the front, yet in a very different way.

Source: Instagram @royalbluegolf

The limestone formations throughout, deemed “moonscapes,” coupled with the thick jungle brush that looks stunning but will definitely eat your ball alive, make for an experience that will feel out of this world.

And just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get more beautiful, you hit number 16 — Royal Blue’s signature hole.

Source: Instagram @royalbluegolf

Nailing the shot of this par 3 that will take you downhill and over the water to the flawless peninsula green may be the hardest thing you’ll do today (what a life, right?).

One slip of the club, and your ball will be swimming with the fishes.

Before you head over to the green where you’ll putt in your perfect shot for a birdie, or drop a ball to replace the one swallowed up by Lake Cunningham, ask your caddy to take you to the secret spot.

Our lips are sealed on this one, but know that you are in for a treat.

Though it seems you could not possibly be any more impressed by Royal Blue, prepare to add one more thing to the list: “freeform.”

At Royal Blue, you will never play the same course twice.

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s right. Nicklaus designed the tee boxes at Royal Blue to be “freeform,” meaning that one of the course’s Golf Professionals comes out every morning and moves the tee boxes to a different place.

The shot that you just couldn’t nail yesterday may be a home run for you today, thanks to the new spot you’ll be teeing up.

Source: Instagram @royalbluegolf

Golfing at Royal Blue will always be a new experience, whether it’s your first time stepping foot on the course, or your twentieth. You know, just in case you found yourself ever getting bored of golfing here . . .

The course also keeps things fun by sending you home with a bright blue Royal Blue water bottle, though this one is definitely not filled with water. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as you take a swig of Royal Blue’s signature cocktail, a vodka infused with tasty fruit.

Whether it’s because of the spirit of the vodka in your Royal Blue water bottle, the spirit in the cards at the casino’s Poker table, or the spirit in the hearts of the Bahamian people, while at Baha Mar your spirit will truly come alive, and you’ll wonder how it’s possible for a trip to The Bahamas to feel this magical.

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