Explore the Arctic With This Exclusive 2-Week Private Jet Trip

Visiting the Earth’s far north can be an awe-inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

For a limited time, Air Charter Service is offering a special two-week journey across the remote Arctic Circle that’s only possible to experience by private jet.

The new “Across the Top of the World” adventure is part of the global aircraft charter’s “Time Well Spent” series that will whisk guests to some of the world’s most remote destinations, such as Norway’s Lofoten Islands, the faraway Faroe Islands, Greenland’s ancient mountains and the wild Svalbard archipelago.

Crafted in partnership with the best-selling author James Wallman, whose book, Time and How to Spend It, inspires the trip’s itinerary with his STORIES framework—which stands for Story, Transformation, Outside & Offline, Relationships, Intensity, Extraordinary, and Status and Significance—to enable discerning travelers to not only take a break from their norm, but also embark on a life-affirming journey with show-stopping memories and stories. 

“To give you a few examples, the trip features standout Extraordinary elements, as travelers will see and hear ice calving from the glaciers in Greenland—an amazing and humbling experience,” says Wallman in a statement. “The sheer size of ice across the country will bring a sense of awe—one of the key ways to peak experiences, which create memories. A Story element of the trip involves following in the footsteps of explorers by RIB boat in Svalbard and staying at the world’s northernmost commercial cabin, Nordenskiöld Lodge. The Story continues by hiking across the glacier, crossing crevasses and an expedition lunch with views of Adolfbukta and Billefjorden that is nothing short of spectacular.”

Guests can also look forward to staying in top-rated luxury hotels along the way; viewing amazing wildlife, like arctic terns, guillemots and puffins; dinner at the world’s most remote two-Michelin-star restaurant; enjoying a champagne picnic on top of an icecap; and much more.

To book or view the full day-by-day itinerary, please click here.

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