El Cosmico Marfa Will be the First 3D-Printed Campground Hotel

El Cosmico’s exceptional fusion of the cosmic sky and high desert terrain is celebrated by a single 3D-printed wall that spirals around the raised bed platform, providing a framed view to the sky.

Hospitality visionary Liz Lambert has teamed up with ICON, the leader of advanced construction technologies pioneering large-scale 3D printing, and world renowned architecture firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group to reimagine and rebuild a unique 21-acre campground hotel in Marfa, Texas known as El Cosmico.

Set to break ground in 2024, the community development and expansion project will include the relocation of El Cosmico to more than 60 acres, as well as the addition of new housing, hospitality amenities and the first 3D-printed hotel.

The new El Cosmico Hotel provides a much-needed respite with the pool serving as the refreshing heart for activities like the bathhouse and restaurant.

“I have had a vision for the evolution of El Cosmico for many years that includes several spaces that add to the experience both for guests and locals—a pool, a hammam, and more space for art and skills-building workshops,” says Liz Lambert in a statement. “In collaborating with the revolutionary thinkers at BIG and ICON, not only do I get to fulfill this dream, but we get to do it using this incredible 3D printing technology that marries the oldest principles of raw earth-based building with a futuristic technology that works more quickly, sustainably and efficiently than modern construction. What’s more, the innovation and beauty of the types of structures we can build extends far beyond the box. It’s fitting that ICON has a contract with NASA to build the first dwellings on the moon and on Mars. I’m excited that we get to explore their incredible work right here in our own little cosmic landscape under the stars in far West Texas.”

While one side of the house remains solid, the opposite side opens up to unveil the vibrant life of the west Texas back porch.

Using ICON’s innovative 3D printing technology, the new hotel and homes will feature organic curves and soft shapes to continue the important connection between the high desert landscape and cosmic organizations, as well as the intersection of art, nature and hospitality that make El Cosmico so unique. 

The El Cosmico hotel will feature guest units in addition to new hospitality programming, including a pool, spa, restaurant and bathhouse, while the collection of new homes designed by BIG range from 1,200–2,200 square feet and feature two to four bedrooms plus expansive views of the Davis Mountains range.

The first 3D-printed performance pavilion in Austin, Texas

To celebrate the exciting announcement, the teams have partnered with The Long Center for the Performing Arts to bring the first 3D-printed performance pavilion to Austin, Texas that will reflect the architectural design themes at El Cosmico and serve as a landmark gathering space for culture, community and the city of Austin. 
Reservations for El Cosmico housing will begin summer 2023.

To sign up to be the first to hear when reservations open, visit elcosmicohomes.com. To learn more about El Cosmico’s expansion and development as well as ICON’s pioneering technology, visit iconbuild.com.

Renderings courtesy ICON

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