All Aboard the Grape Train Escape for a Wine-Tasting Tour in Verde Valley

Raise a glass under the desert night sky during a wine tasting tour aboard Verde Canyon Railroad’s Grape Train Escape. The wine-themed railroad  takes passengers on a Saturday evening train ride through Arizona’s Verde Valley while vintners showcase their award-winning wines from Arizona and all over the world. 

Over the past 19 years, the Grape Train Escape has spanned the proverbial planet, serving thousands of passengers fine Italian, Chilean, Spanish, German and French wines. Guests enjoy tastes of distant lands while enjoying passing views of  scenic landscapes.

The Grape Train Escape is offered during 5:30 p.m. Saturday Starlight train rides in dedicated train cars.. In addition to the starlight experience, wine tasting coupled with harmonizing appetizers take one back to a time when relaxing train travel was recognized as a hallmark of sophistication. 

Starlight rides lead guests through red rock canyon formations highlighted with the colors of a vibrant sunset. On the way back, the open-air cars allow guests to look up into the dazzling star-lit sky and feel the summer night breeze while the moonlight offers serene glimpses of wildlife beginning their nightly rounds. 

Wine tasting with the Grape Train Escape takes place on select dates through September. Each date offers unique experiences and tastes. This season features wines all the way from Italy, France and boutique wineries in South America, as well as from Arizona’s own major wine growing regions, including Verde Valley. 

During the Grape Train Escape, guests can expect luxurious style and attentive beverage service right at their seat, adjoining open-air cars where the lush landscape and deep crimson cliffs complement a great glass of wine, and information of where to purchase a bottle of their favorite wine to enjoy after at home. 

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