Ditch the Beach Bod Worries and Celebrate Spring Break 2017 Here!

Did you struggle to stick to your new year’s resolution to get that dream beach bod by Spring Break?

Throw your stress to the side, because we’ve got a couple of great resorts that will allow you to still fully indulge and live it up on Spring Break without having to worry about the lack of your beach bod.


Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa

Indian Wells, CA

This Palm Springs resort is a Coachelle favorite, but is also a great destination for your Spring Break 2017. In the heart of the Coachella Valley, Miramonte has its fair share of pools, but also offers other exciting spring break adventures. The network of trails surrounding the resort are fabulous, so be sure to bring your hiking shoes along with you! The resort also offers super fun Jeep excursions of the San Andreas Fault line so definitely consider this wild ride!

Joshua Tree is another great location that Miramonte guests love to visit and to try their hand at rock climbing. You adventurous ones will really love this!

And for those of you who are looking to have a more laid back #springbreak, Miramonte has an incredible spa that will do just that for you, while still keeping it fun. Miramonte’s Well Spa is home to the famous Pittura Festa treatment, described as an “interactive and Insta-worthy body paint party” where you lather yourself in brightly colored muds, while (of course) sipping on your champagne. And it gets even better – the Pittura Festa treatment ends with a 60-minute massage. Ahhhhh, just in time for the sunset.

Sounds like a dream spring break to us!


Suncadia Resort

Cle Elum, WA

Spring break away from the beach is definitely worth trying, and Sucadia Resort is a great place to do it. About an hour east of Seattle, this resort offers guests the option of staying at the main inn, or in one of the resort’s luxury homes. And do not forget your hiking shoes. There are over 40 miles of trails around the resort just waiting to be explored.

The resort also offers a fun experience called the Wilderness Survival Scenario. And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. You and your group will be “stranded” in the woods near the resort and must work together in order to find your way out! Don’t worry, you won’t really get lost.

The resort’s on-site winery, Swiftwater Cellars, hosts tastings and delicious meals. If you have yet to try Washington wines, now is the perfect chance!


As you can see, Spring Break 2017 doesn’t have to be all about the beaches. There are some great adventures out there waiting for you that will let you leave your bathing suit (and beach bod stress) behind!

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