Cruise Northern California With Woodside Hotel Group

Craving a road trip without all the hassle of planning? We feel you. And with summer and fall upon us, now is the best time of year to explore Northern California.

So how are you supposed to plan without planning? Woodside Hotel Group is giving you 10 hotels, a Tesla and a dedicated concierge to help check off every sight you hope to see throughout Northern California. Cruise through historic Monterey, the stunning Bay Area, thirst-quenching Napa, sunny Santa Cruz and everywhere in between.

How does it work? With the help of a dedicated concierge, explorers select at least three hotels (choose all 10 for the ultimate trip!) from the Woodside portfolio that are scattered throughout NorCal. After making your picks, a dedicated concierge will help set you up for driving success.

The adventure begins after landing at one of the major Bay area airports where you’ll be able to hop into your Tesla Model S or Model X and zip through the Golden State, stopping at each of your chosen properties for a stay.

“Personalization is a cornerstone of our brand,” said Greg Alden, Woodside Hotel Group President and CEO. “‘The Ultimate Northern California Experience’ further showcases Woodside’s commitment to signature service, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for travelers to indulge in the comfort and serenity of our inviting properties within California’s most sought-after destinations.”

Check out Woodside Hotel’s portfolio to see where you can go next:

The Ultimate Northern California Experience

  • A dedicated VIP reservations and concierge support in planning your adventure
  • Tesla Model S or Model X (extra fee) available for pickup/drop-ff at all major Bay Area airports or delivered to guests upon arrival at their fist destination
  • Unique welcome amenity at each selected property based on personal preferences
  • Base package pricing starts at $398 per night.

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