10 Kitchen Must Haves

There are few things better in life than a fully equipped kitchen. There is something about having everything you need in one place that seems to make things transition easier.


We have pulled together a list of 10 things that is a must have for any kitchen!

1. Water Purifier: This gadget is relatively inexpensive and helps removes impurities and germs from water. Big plus – saving money on bottled water.

2. Baking and pizza stones. Because, pizza. Achieve the best stone cooked pizza at home with the baking stone. The secret is the high heat of a brick oven that heats evenly and fast— browning the crust making it crisp while keeping the inside soft.

3. Hand-held Blender: Convenient hand-held electronic blender to blend, grind and mix food and smoothies.

4. Coffee Maker: Save some money and calories by making your favorite drink at home.

5. Stand mixer. While this will probably be one of the largest investments you can make, it is guaranteed to make cooking and baking easier—and for well over 15 years or more. Ideal for whipping homemade whipping cream, butter, meringues, cakes, puddings, even mashed potatoes or a host of other things that become thick and tiresome to mix by hand.

6. Juicer. Much like your daily cup of coffee, save money by making your juice at home! With juice bars popping up everywhere, it’s easy to stop in… but gets expensive, fast.

7. Vegetable peeler. Zip through peeling potatoes, carrots,and other fresh vegetables, or use to get professional-style thin slices of zucchini, cucumbers, etc. Another option, a spiralizer. Get those Pinterest worthy zoodles in a heartbeat with this appliance.

8. Rice cooker. Not only to have perfectly done rice, but this appliance can also stem veggies and work like a slow cooker. Double win.

9. Sharp set of quality knives. Hands-down the most important tool in your kitchen. A quality-made knife stays sharper longer and can be re-sharpened and used for years to come.

10. Slow cooker. Best way to meal prep for your week, or to have a great quality dinner the second you walk in.

What is your go-to kitchen appliance?

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