The Newest Golf Gadgets and Gizmos

Mike Poe of Quintero Golf Club reveals new golf gadgets and gizmos that can help with everything from perfecting your swing to sinking the perfect putt.

Zepp Golf 2 – Swing Analyzer Zepp Golf 2 is the next generation of the world’s most powerful swing analyzer and training aid. New smart features like 3D Swing Analysis and Instant Evaluations are designed to personalize your training and improve your game faster than ever before. Simply attach the sensor and let Zepp help you become the player you aspire to be. $149, PGA Tour Superstore.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer This aid is designed around a parabolic curve and has a white rubber target that is the exact size of a real hole, simulating real-world practice. The curve also returns your ball on solid putts and rejects the missed ones. Another key feature is the fact that the hole in the middle holds on to any putts that land exactly in the perfect line and pace. $30,

Golfnsticks Golf alignment sticks are a great low-cost training tool for all golfers. They can be used for dozens of training drills, including alignment, ball position, swing plane, putting drills, target markets and more. When finished, they fit perfectly inside your golf bag just like they were another club. About $20, Amazon.

Ernest Sports ES12 – Portable Launch Monitor The ES12 classic is an extremely accurate portable launch monitor that provides ball speed and distance data with minimal set-up. Paired with the free Ernest Sports app, the ES12 is for golfers of all levels of expertise and provides the ability to track and analyze your practice session. $199, Amazon.

GolfBoard Since first hitting the golf market a couple of years ago, these single-rider boards have now become a hit in the golf community. They provide a fun and easy experience on the course, allowing you to glide down the cart path and bring up the speed of play. They can also carry several different types of bags. From $6,500,

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