Inspirational ‘Uncontainable’ Hits The Stands


Don’t miss this “must-read” story! The Container Store’s very own Chairman and CEO, Kip Tindess reveals how passion, commitment, and Conscious Capitalism® built a business where everyone thrives!

Read the praise for ‘UNCONTAINABLE:’

“At root, “Uncontainable” is almost a “fairy tale” story of how some quixotic seers created a marvelous retail business with the fundamental objective of marketing empty products in their stores to generate empty spaces in their customers’ abodes. Moreover, they defied historic retail convention by filling their employees’ lives with good pay; job security; superb training; happy interrelationships; intuitional empowerment; and imaginative sales expertise, while turning their vendors into devotees.

“Uncontainable” gives a contrarian and sprightly portrayal of the creation and success of one of the great entrepreneurial and humanistic adventures in business history, a success in large part achieved because the author, Kip Tindell, TCS Chairman and CEO, is himself – UNCONTAINABLE.”– HERB KELLEHER, CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN EMERITUS, SOUTHWEST AIRLINES

“Uncontainable brings to life The Container Store’s values-driven Foundation Principles and their synergies with the tenets of Conscious Capitalism. It’s an important book about how staying true to what a company stands for, operating with a higher purpose and servant leadership comes together to create wide-spread love and passion for a brand. The world and the world of business is fortunate to have Kip and The Container Store as an inspiration and example for doing what’s right, and in doing so, creating vast opportunity for all.”– JOHN MACKEY, CO-FOUNDER & CO-CEO, WHOLE FOODS MARKET; AUTHOR OF CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM

“Uncontainable is an inspired journey that is fueled by Kip Tindell’s passionate, purposeful leadership and the unique culture that he has created. The Container Store is more than a store, it is truly “the promise of a better happier life” and an example of how to achieve sustainable success and impact through soul vs. sell.”– MINDY GROSSMAN, CEO OF HSNI, INC.

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