Erik Tinker of Tinker Development on Homebuilding Pet Trends


Fido is man’s best friend, after all. Why shouldn’t he have a little consideration when it comes to building one’s dream home. Erik Tinker of Tinker Development discusses what pet owners are seeking when it comes to accommodating their four-legged friends.

What amenities are pet owners seeking in their homes? What about in their yards?

The most common pet-friendly features homeowners look for are dog doors, dog-friendly flooring and fences. Dog-friendly flooring will consist of laminate, wood plank porcelain tile, ceramic tiles, or concrete flooring. Dogs and hardwood floors do not mix and are not recommended because the floor can get scratched, stained and liquids damage the wood.

In the yards, artificial grass is popular because it offers a comfort and durability ideal for dogs. They can rough house and play in the grass without ruining it unlike natural lawns that will show the wear and tear. A designated fenced in dog area is in high-demand for homebuyers. Also, they look for dog runs or an outdoor washing station is a nice added bonus.

Do you have to pay special attention to the materials you use in pet owners’ homes?

Yes, the flooring is crucial with dogs because they are just as hard, if not harder, than people on flooring surfaces. From scratches, to stains, to liquids, to hair, the flooring should be resistant to these issues.

What has been the most interesting request you have received from a pet owner?

The most interesting request I have received is from a couple moving here from Chicago and building a house on a mountain. We are building a hillside cantilever deck designated for the dog with artificial grass.

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