Arizona is a Top Destination for Remote Workers

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work proved itself as a safer alternative, with its popularity growing among companies and employees in the present day. Living near the office has now become unnecessary, opening the door for remote workers to relocate across the country. 

In 2022, Arizona became one of the top destinations for relocating remote workers, with a notable influx of approximately 282,000 new residents. A study conducted by Yardi Kube looked into how and why Arizona blossomed into such a hotspot for professionals seeking new opportunities in a remote work setting. 

Arizona reigned in the top five of the most popular states for remote workers along with a substantial migration from high-cost states. Other leading states were Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. 

Arizona attracted 103,000 on-site workers and 34,000 remote workers in 2022, highlighting the allure of its vibrant economy and flexible work environment. 

Among the top demographics relocating were Gen Zers, Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers, creating a shift in the local economies and communities and setting Arizona apart as a hotspot for business and innovation.

Across the nation, Millennials led the pack of migrating remote workers, with 54% relocating within the same state. Gen X and Gen Z followed their lead with 20% and 18%, respectively. Boomers and the Silent Generation held last place as the least likely to move, with both groups representing less than 10% of the moving population. 

Of those who dared to venture out of state, Millennials made up 51% of the population, with Gen X representing 21% and Gen Z 18%. 

The study was based on questions about moving in the prior year and the place of residence one year ago from IPUMS USA. Data only refers to state-to-state movements. The target population is remote workers. 

Yardi Kube is an all-in-one coworking space management platform helping businesses manage all aspects of flexible workspaces, from meeting room and space booking to lead generation, payment processing and more.

Read the full report here.  

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