Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Garden Gear Ready


Spring is upon us in Arizona and there is no better time than the present to start in on getting garden tools ready. Planning well before you ever start work in the garden is key to making sure that you have a successful harvest. Making sure that you have quality tools on hand will help to keep stress low as you can spend more time in the garden rather than making frequent trips to the store. Follow these tips on getting your garden tools ready for a bountiful garden season.

Organize Your Seeds

If this isn’t your first year gardening, you probably have different packets of seeds that are both opened or have never been used. Gather your seed packets together and take inventory of what you have. Organize your seeds into a binder with clear pocket files that will allow you to easily see each side of the seed packet. This will help you keep your seeds organized and know exactly what new seeds you need or want to purchase.

Plan Ahead

Once you’ve organized your seeds, you can plan out what your garden will look like and contain. This will help you figure out what gear you may or may not have and one’s that you might need when you clean out your tools. If you’re unsure of what to add or omit to your garden, consider last seasons contributions and the care that was required. As a quick tip, using plants native to the desert will be an excellent low maintenance way to add more flare, allowing you to really focus on any fruits or vegetables in your garden.  If there’s an existing tree that doesn’t quite fit your plans, then consider using a tree removal service such as The Local Tree Experts.

Prep Your Big Tools

Does your wheelbarrow need a new front tire? Is your rototiller in good working order? Making sure that these important tools are ready for planting is essential to having a successful garden. Don’t overlook small mechanical issues that could become bigger issues down the road. Don’t waste precious time and energy gardening in the hot Arizona sun to deal with a mechanical issue that could have been taken care of prior to the season. Make sure that these tools that do the heavy lifting of gardening are ready.

Check Your Hand Tools

Gather up your garden tools and make sure that they are in good working condition. Does your rake need a new handle? Did a trowel get left outside all winter and is now rusted? Could you benefit from a longer hose to help you reach all areas of your garden? Early spring is a great time to check all of these necessities to having a productive garden. Check areas stores for sales on tools as well as new varieties of old staples in you tool shed that may need to be retired. Look through the aisles of the stores to see what new products are on the market that could make your gardening even easier this year.

Prep Your Watering Gear

Making sure that your garden is properly watered is extremely important in the desert heat of Arizona. Make sure that you have an adequate water source nearby your garden area. Check your hose sprayer and watering cans to make sure that they are ready for a busy gardening season. Consider investing in a drip system that you can install before planting seeds. This will make watering much easier and will ensure that your plants receive enough water throughout the hot summer season.

Take time during this spring to clean up your garden tools and prepare for the upcoming growing season. Making sure that your seeds are organized, big and small tools are in good condition, and checking your watering system will help to make this garden season successful. Do these things now so that you can enjoy your time in the garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. –Katie Marie

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