Q & A: Candice Quinn of London Pierce Design

Let us introduce you to the Valley’s top design and build professionals. Today, let’s get to know Candice Quinn of London Pierce Design and get to know her storytelling take on design.

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How did you get started in the design industry? 

At about 7 years old, I asked for a book about Frank Lloyd Wright for Christmas.  I pored over that book and studied it.  This soon turned into a collection of works by many of my favorite architects and designers. It was no surprise having earned my real estate license at 19 years old and having started a real estate brokerage ten years later, that it had blossomed into me going for my true passion of interiors and launching London Pierce Design in 2015.  You could say this is my calling in life, and I love every aspect of design and real estate.

What inspires you and your work?

Each project I do is a representation of something new. The beautiful thing about design is you are telling a story and bringing something to life. I love having a mix of several different projects at one time and the creativity that comes through me. Each project tells a different story, and I’m inspired by anything from a beautiful dress hanging in a client’s closet to a flowering branch on a tree. I am truly passionate about the creative process and seeing spaces transform.

What has been your favorite Arizona design project? 

My favorite Arizona design project was a full gut renovation with a fabulous client that let me do whatever I wanted to do! I love when a client entrusts me with decisions and will let me work my magic. It was a yummy project.

What is something timeless every home should have? 

Every timeless home should have something old with something new. The magic happens when you blend contemporary pieces with antique pieces. Layering is also important in design. You should always layer textures and colors to create a harmonious space.

What is considered trendy in homes at this time? 

Pattern is trending right now. I’m seeing a strong trend in patterned tiles, and they are wonderful!

What do you consider your biggest professional accomplishment? 

I would say my ability to run two thriving businesses as a single woman is my biggest professional accomplishment.

What advice do you have for young people or students hoping to pursue a design career? 

The advice I would give to students hoping to pursue a design career is to keep your feet on the ground and head in the clouds.


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