Mountainscapers’ Magic Touch: Before and After

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Sean Andersen started his company in Paradise Valley when he was just 15 years old – carrying his lawn mower behind him on his bike. Eventually after earning his Engineering and Construction degree from Northern Arizona University, Andersen expanded Mountainscapers’ services in 1994 to include design, installation, construction, and invention.  For more than two decades, Andersen and his crew have been working with Valley residents (Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley) to create vibrant, integrated and beautiful spaces that are not only functional, but are also desired to improve his client’s social, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being.

“Landscaping should reflect your tastes, provide function, be beautiful, and encourage engagement with nature and with people. Carefully chosen plants, thoughtful grading, the retention of mature trees where possible, boulders, and the inclusion of fire and water features provides texture, motion, and novelty. This variation engages the senses and creates a positive distraction – and that reduces stress – and can be incredibly restorative.” –Sean Andersen

What would you say is something that helps your business stand apart from the competition?

Driven by customer service, Andersen is passionate about providing innovative solutions and new technology to provide the most efficient service and the highest quality product.  Sean is endlessly inventing new products and technology, and was recently awarded a patent for his latest fountain technology and design – The Elemental Fountain, which he just recently installed in his latest residential project.


Comfortable Contemporary was the design aesthetic Mountainscapers used to completely transform the unused outdoor space of this mid-century home. Andersen redesigned the bland front yard by introducing steel as a contrasting element with an abundance of natural materials to create a welcoming, spectacular entrance.





The front yard has been graded to add several elevations which create softness and interest and take advantage of the flood irrigation.  The entryway is flanked by large boulders punctuated with a custom crafted grabion (steel wire/stone) mailbox. The pathway is now curved with an elevated bridge (acid stained concrete for a natural look -with saw cuts for interest) inviting you to journey through the yard and enjoy the lavish natural additions including 25 trees, boulders, lush greenery, succulents, and flowering shrubs which have been hand-selected to create a micro-climate that reduces summer heat temperatures.

The highlight is The Elemental Fountain. It’s mesmerizing – It’s a natural balance between water and gravity, and a marriage of two opposing forces – fire and water.  The massive water flow (10,000 gallons per hour) cascades in a continuous layer or water that looks like a curved sheet of glass encompassing the flame –  without extinguishing it.

From a technical standpoint, this patented configuration utilizes a manipulation of water and gravity and allows for the greatest vertical distance water can fall and maintain a laminar (smooth continuous) flow.

Additionally, programmable LED lighting creates a range of ambiance possibilities, from calm and relaxing to vibrant and high-energy.

It engages the senses, and it will simultaneously revitalize and relax you. From a practical purpose, it provides a dramatic anchor that creates and defines the space, provides movement, warmth, light, stirs curiosity, and leaves a lasting impression. Cars stop in front of the house and stare in wonder.

A hand-crafted wood shade structure with steel joists and trellis has been added to cover the extended front patio – now creating a private retreat for “front porch visiting” or a great sanctuary to enjoy the front yard. Customizable lighting in the fountain and throughout multiple zones in the yard allows the homeowner to create the setting of her choice.



The side of the yard is dedicated to an edible garden, with an artistically crafted steel gate dividing front and back.

The comfortable contemporary theme with lush landscaping and steel elements continues to the backyard which also underwent a complete renovation converting it to a resort-worthy retreat.

The addition of another custom shade structure complete with lighting and ceiling fans provides a comfortable place to relax and socialize with friends and family.



The pool was completely resurfaced and finished with custom non-slip decking.  Sean’s fountain technology can also be converted to create a unique pool fountain that encourages human interaction.   One can stand in the middle of the fountain and be untouched by the water except for the circumference.   The rush of the water creates a sound that energizes you, and the falling water on your shoulders is like a soft massage that relaxes you.

Additionally, the programmable LED lighting shines through the water and lights up the entire pool so that you can create your own mood.

“Well, it has been a year in the planning and designing–and finally completion! Sean is creative, experienced and professional. I was involved with every stage of the project which COMPLETELY transformed my 1/2-acre property. I wanted something original and with a modern twist. I also wanted a garden. All my wishes were beautifully put together to deliver a large functional garden and incorporate the fruit trees I wanted. Custom fountains, bridge, patios, fence/gate and garden shed all were exactly what I wanted. Designs were reviewed with me at every stage and the final products far exceeded my expectations. He uses the highest quality materials and plants. I would recommend Sean and Mountainscapers without hesitation.” –Gabriel Goodrick


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