Insta-Inspiration: The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts

If you’re like me, social media is your go-to for inspiration of all sorts. Whether it’s crafts, outfits, recipes or home décor ideas that you are in search of, Instagram and Pinterest are the key to inspiring the creativity flow. Here are some great interior design Instagram accounts that I came across this week.



Erin, the user behind @mytexashouse, shares photos of her gorgeous home in Dallas on her account. The style is very luxe meets shabby chic—her neutral-hued home is incredibly dreamy.   



This Sydney-based interior designer posts photos of both her awe-inspiring projects and her own home. The neutral hues and clean lines are staples of her projects. She also designs the coziest looking beds and couches.



Christa Rose Lipinski has one of the greatest interior design feeds I have ever seen. She posts a mélange of her company’s projects, works in progress, what inspires her and more. Striking patterns and rich hues dominate her posts, and provide for the ultimate interior design Instagram inspiration.



Mika Perry is a local luxury home organizer, and owner of Neat Method. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed will make you want to reorganize your whole home.

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