Thomasville For All Intents And Purposes

Did you know that Thomasville furniture earned its claim to fame by producing one classic piece and producing it well? While the well-known company now encompasses stores nationwide and offers furnishings for all intents and purposes in its showrooms, the company’s story began with the simple and elegant Thomasville Chair.

The popularity of the chair back in 1904 enticed consumers to request of Thomasville to produce additional pieces. And so the Thomasville we have come to know was born.

In 1922, what was then called the Thomasville Chair Company, erected the “Big Chair,” an 18 foot tall monument stationed in downtown Thomasville, North Carolina. The chair represented the company’s roots, but no one could have predicted how far the company would grow.


From classic to modern, Thomasville boasts a unique collection that caters to many different palettes. 

Being an appreciator of clean lines and European nuances, Thomasville’s Hills of Tuscany Collection offers the ambiance of a classic Italian village. 


The Darryl Carter Collection for Thomasville showcases the idea of rich living by way of luxurious designs and elegant lines. 


Thomasville has reached level of staying power because its offerings appeal to every type of buyer. Bridging generations even more so, the historic company has created collections that appeal to younger consumers. Their Urban Retreat line is the perfect example of that motive. 


For more information on showrooms in your area or to browse Thomasville’s online catalog, vistit

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  1. Oh that’s interesting. Nothing wrong with doing one thing really well! Better than doing a bunch of things mediocre.

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