The Most Pinned Fall Interior Design Ideas on Pinterest

With autumn finally here, people are looking to Pinterest to find ways to cozy up their spaces and incorporate new designs that embrace the season into their homes. With U.S. Pinterest searches for “fall decor ideas” soaring by 1,328% over the past three months, the interior design team at RubyHome Luxury Real Estate have delved into Pinterest to reveal the following eight interior design trends that are trending for fall. 

Earthy Tones

An extremely popular interior design element for fall, earthy tones and natural elements help bring the outdoor charm of autumn into your home. U.S. Pinterest searches for “earthy bedroom” have risen by 194% over the past five months and continue to spark interest in the current season. 

Experts at RubyHome suggest using colors inspired by nature, such as browns, greens, warm grays and muted earthy reds. Duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases in natural colors like deep brown, olive green or sandy beige are a great choice, while a neutral linen duvet cover can also add an earthy texture. For more dimension, add throw pillows in various earthy tones and textures to your bed or seating area. Consider using fabrics like jute, burlap or those with nature-inspired patterns like leaves, branches or animal prints. 

For those looking to revamp furniture this fall, experts recommend incorporating wooden furniture pieces, such as solid wood bed frames, nightstands and dressers. Natural wood tends to add warmth and a strong connection to nature, according to the RubyHome interior design team. You can also incorporate pots and planters for an extra earthy touch. Succulents, ferns, snake plants, or any greenery can add a refreshing touch of nature to your bedroom or living spaces. 

Pumpkin Centerpieces

One of the most popular fall decor designs for 2023 are “pumpkin centerpieces,” which are currently trending on Pinterest with searches increasing by 455% over the past two months. According to experts at RubyHome, carved or decorated pumpkins are a timeless choice. You can use real pumpkins as vases for fresh flowers or you can opt for faux pumpkins that can be painted, glittered or adorned with fall-themed accessories. For a more luxurious centerpiece, you can opt for  more neutral colors such as washed out white, silver, gray or green. 

Fall Crochet Patterns

U.S. Pinterest searches for “fall crochet patterns” have surged by 1,011% over the past two months. The interior design team at RubyHome believe crochet patterns are a wonderful way to add warmth and charm to your living space during the autumn season. Several items in your home can be replaced with crochet patterns, such as pillow covers, blankets, throws or even photo frames. You can crochet seasonal pillow covers featuring fall motifs like leaves, acorns or owls and slip them over your existing pillows to change up your décor. Alternatively, framing pieces of crochet is a beautiful but subtle way of incorporating this design trend into your home this fall. 

Fall Coffee Bars

U.S. Pinterest searches for “fall kitchen decor” have surged by 376% over the past two months. Experts at RubyHome advise that a fall coffee bar is a great way to get your kitchen in the autumn spirit. When it comes to decorating your fall coffee bar, it’s all about using warm autumn and earthy colors like deep reds, oranges, browns and yellows, according to the interior design team. You can use these colors for tablecloths, napkins, mugs and other decor items. Fall-themed mugs featuring pumpkins, leaves or cozy sweater patterns are a great addition, and of course, seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple cider and caramel will create that ultimate fall feeling for your kitchen. 

Fall Porch Decor

Interest in “fall porch decorating ideas” is also surging on Pinterest by 2,566% since July. Experts at RubyHome recommend starting by placing an autumn wreath on your front door featuring your choice of dried leaves, faux flowers or even a combination of seasonal elements like pinecones, berries and mini pumpkins. Accompany this with some seasonal plant such as potted mums, ornamental kale or other fall-blooming flowers for a burst of color on your front porch. Any planters or pots with warm, earthy tones will help complement the season. 

An additional expert tip is to lean cornstalks against the porch railings or arrange hay bales as seating or as a backdrop. These elements can help to provide a rustic touch to your fall decor. You can also hang fall garlands made of leaves, berries or miniature pine cones for a finishing touch.

Warm Green Paint Colors

Pinterest data also shows that interest in “warm green wall paint” has surged by 354% across the U.S. in the recent colder months. Experts at RubyHome reveal that the bathroom is a good place to incorporate warm green paint colors, which work particularly well with earthy materials like stone and wood you may already have in your bathroom. You can also paint your kitchen cabinets in warm green tones to add freshness to your culinary space. Green cabinets go beautifully with white countertops and natural wood accents. If you want to try this color scheme out, opt for an accent wall with a warm green shade in your living room, bedroom or even home office. This can be a bold and striking way to introduce the color without overwhelming the entire space.

Boho Bedroom

An interior trend that never continues to die is the boho (bohemian) bedroom. According to the interior design team at RubyHome, the first key element of a boho bedroom is eclectic furniture by mixing furniture pieces with different styles, materials, and textures. Vintage nightstands, rattan chairs or a low platform bed work well here. Earthy tones consisting of neutral colors are often the base for a boho bedroom, including muted whites, warm beiges or soft grays. Layered textiles are also essential for a boho bedroom and several items such as Moroccan rugs, embroidered throws, silk curtains, and patterned bedding are used to create a layered and cozy look. For the final touch, incorporate vibrant accents and saturated colors like deep blues, rich greens or burnt oranges into accent pillows, cushions and artwork. 

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