Spice Up Your Kitchen with Fun Placemats

When you think about revamping your kitchen, one easy and economical way to do so is by switching out your placemats. Although it may seem like an insignificant change, adding a placemat with a bright and cheery color or one with a natural, organic feel can really help to alter the mood in your kitchen. We scoured through the Web site of luxury home furnishings brand, Velocity Art & Design, and found a handful of placemats that are sure to bring an added sense of joy to mealtime.


Amenity Cove Organic Placemat
Crafted from premium fabric made of hemp, blended with organic cotton and printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks, this placemat is as eco-friendly as they come. With its moody shading of grey and espresso (also available in cocoa and silver), this mat is crafted and sewn in Los Angeles, made evident by the design of the reeds that grow in the foothills surrounding LA. While you may bring this placemat out during the autumn and winter months more than the warmer seasons, the structure of the hemp will ensure this piece lasts many years. $25.


Bob’s Your Uncle Roadside Placemat Pads
For those with a sense of humor or for anyone who simply wants a different picture to gaze down upon every time they dine, try these Bob’s Your Uncle Roadside Placemat Pads. This set of paper mats includes 36 sheets in a pad (six placemats of each image), and they feature real photos taken on road trips around the United States by Marin Yeeles. Each placemat comes in a tear-off pack, and they work as great conversation starters while entertaining for guests. $20 for one pad of 36 sheets.


Marimekko Unikko Oilcloth Placemats
While a popular pattern today, this Unikko pattern was actually created in 1964 by Maija Isola. If you’re seeking out an everyday placemat to withhold spills and stains along with adding a dose of color to your kitchen, this placemat is your new go-to piece for weeknight family dinners. Coated in PVC to protect food and drink spills, these cotton placemats are cleaned easily with a wet cloth and also come in blue or black. $19.


Modern-Twist Matte Stephens Placemats
These adorable yet simple Modern-Twist placemats are hand silk-screened and made from non-toxic silicone, making for an easy-to-clean surface. While the images on these placemats are large, the colors used are neutral enough and the artwork subtle enough that they won’t clash with any dishware or tablecloths used. While the Owl design is my personal favorite, these mats are also available with monster (not scary in the least bit) and Kat in the City images. $17.

To purchase or learn more, visit www.velocityartanddesign.com

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