Pure Vanity – Terra Acqua’s amazing sinks

If you are renovating your house or simply want to update your bathroom, be sure to check out the new Pacific Vanity Collection from Terra Acqua when looking for your sink setting. and as for a sink on its own, look at the Montecito Stone Collection. They make a huge statement and are more than just a wash basin – these are total conversation pieces.

My favorites of the new Pacific Vanities are the Kangyur 19-inch single-door vanity, which is made of solid Shesham wood with an espresso finish, and the Kangyur 26-inch two-door vanity, in the same finishes.



As for sinks, I dig the Veloz from the Montecito Stone Collection. This low profile oval basin is made from a single block of stone (choose between fossil marble, white onyx, green onyx or sandstone).


These contemporary bathroom accessories can be found at local Arizona retailers – for a list, log on to Terra Acqua’s website, www.terracqua.net.

  1. I definitely dig these sleek looking sinks. No need for any bathroom knick-knacks, just these staple centerpieces.

  2. I especially love that last sink. I’m looking to redo my powder room, and these options are helping me on my way.

  3. These are so pretty and would definitely make a statement. I bet the green onyx color in the stone collection would be cool.

  4. Thes sinks are so neat! I have been in a house, and the bathrooms have these kind of sinks. They are pretty fun and definitely a conversation starter.

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