Gray Malin Discusses His New Wallpaper Collection

Mitchell Black Home has launched the Gray Malin Wallpaper collection. In honor of this incredible collection that draws inspiration from coastal images ranging from the Australian coast to the Italian Riviera and offers four patterns, fine-art photographer Gray Malin provided some insight on the beautiful new lineup.

What’s your oldest memory of wallpaper?
Growing up, my mother was an interior design editor for a magazine. She exposed me to different design elements such as wallpaper, paint colors, vignettes, and decorative accessories. I truly love interior design and it has become a big passion for me as I grow my brand. It’s amazing how something as simple as art or wallpaper can completely transform a room.
Do you have any wallpaper in your house?
At the end of last year, I moved into a new house that is truly a blank canvas and a really big project for 2018. Of course, I’m already plotting away as to where I’m going to use all of the new Gray Malin wallpaper designs in my home.

What did you look for in choosing patterns for wallpaper?
It was a marriage of selecting prints I already knew resonated with my audience along with lesser known images with patterns and repetition that translated will into design. Ultimately, we narrowed down the collection to four designs that really excited me in a way where I couldn’t wait to hang them in my own home. I like that they each feel like one of my photographs but bring the imagery to life in a totally new way for people to style into their space.
What’s the difference in making artwork vs. making wallpaper?
Time! Developing this wallpaper collection was a long process, complete with multiple rounds of selecting images and sampling to perfect the designs — plus choosing the three materials we felt worked best for the collection.

Who would be your dream person to use your wallpaper?
Honestly, my mom – she has taught me so much about design and I value her opinion more than anyone, so it would be a special moment for me and certainly full circle.
What would be your dream location to hang your wallpaper?
Because of my passion for travel and how much travel ties to my brand, I would absolutely love to see Gray Malin wallpaper in an amazing hotel property or in a notable restaurant somewhere wonderful

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