Four Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

The New Year bring so many new beginnings for everyone – and everything. This is the perfect change to purge through your house and closet and get rid of things that no longer suit you, or are no longer in style. 2016 will bring a few different changes to your house.


Four interior design trends to watch:

  • Outside In. From decorating compact apartments with greenery to turning expansive backyards into glamping adventures, consumers are experimenting with how to bring nature into every aspect of their homes. Another big trend – consumers will be buying furniture they can use indoors and outdoors.
  • Minerals are a thing. While polished goods have been all the rage, minerals are going au natural now. Watch for bowls of pyrite on tables, big chunks of quartz used as display pieces and unpolished semi-precious stones turned into door pulls.There is no shortage of ways that this trend will be seen.
  • Geometric is the big thing. Decorative backsplashes have been going strong in the design world for a long time. Designers are expecting to see consumers gravitating towards more geometric patterns that feature fluid movement. Whether it is a backsplash, an intricately patterned floor or a countertop, fluid geometry is coming.
  • Mixing and Matching. Mixing metallics and metals is a hot trends in fashion design collections right now, and it is no different in interiors. Midcentury Mod with brass, gold and metallic finishes are popular right now. Expect to see this trend everywhere.

In addition to these trends, expect to see state of the art kitchens and homes with state of the art technology place a huge role in the home design world. 2016 will be the year of pushing the envelope and taking classic designs and making them timeless.

What 2016 trend are you most excited about trying?

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