Experience Total Light Control with Wipliance

You may have heard by now that installing automated lighting in your home can mean major energy cost savings annually. But how exactly does this work? It’s important to partner with a company that understands your objectives and the best products available on the market. The experts at Wipliance can help you create a smart lighting system that meets your unique needs.

Replacing your home’s current dimmers and switches with “smart” devices that integrate with keypads allows you to control multiple lights at different levels quickly. Imagine being able to press one button and dim every light in the home, immediately saving money and creating convenience, too.

Preset programming that centers around a specific date and time can also save energy–outdoor lighting can be controlled with an astronomical timer so that it turns on automatically at sunset, and off at sunrise–and adjusts to daylight savings throughout the year.

There is often a lot of energy that can be conserved by harnessing the natural light in your home using motorized window treatments. They can reduce energy spent on heating and cooling as well as energy used by electrical light in your home. By having the window treatments automatically open or close at certain times of day, you can maximize natural light. By programming them to automatically respond when a certain temperature is detected in your home also saves money on your electricity bill (especially in these summer months)!

If you would like to learn about how total lighting control can impact your every day, contact the expert team at Wipliance to learn more. Mention this advertorial in Arizona Foothills to receive 10 percent off your new home automation project.

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