Chemical-Free Furniture Protection

As homeowners and just shoppers in general become more eco-conscious, the market place is adapting to the green-friendly mindset. From clothing to makeup, cleaning products to paint, the green movement is in full swing from our attitudes to how we outfit ourselves and even our homes. While going green requires a lot of research and another kind of green, the long term benefits are well-worth the initial hassle. Especially when it means keeping your family safe from harmful or irritating chemicals around your home.


The RoomPlace, a Chicago-based furniture retailer, announced that it has signed an agreement with Crypton Inc. to offer eco-friendly furniture protection products in its 22 stores. 

“We are impressed with the unique performance of the Crypton products and how environmentally-friendly the products are, as well as Guardian’s strong commitment to customer service. By selecting Crypton and GuardianTM Protection Products Inc. to be our product care partners, we believe our stores will provide an exceptional service to our customers at the best possible value,” says Geoff Maxwell, COO of The RoomPlace.
With the program, The RoomPlace offers its customers a major point of difference in the way fabrics and furnishings are protected. It will leverage Crypton’s expertise in performance textile manufacturing and promote Crypton’s “Live Clean, Live Green” philosophy. The RoomPlace will also tap into the experience of industry leader Guardian, with its A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau for its furniture protection programs. 
Crypton Manufactured Exclusively for Guardian Protection Products now include programs for furniture dealers wanting a “wet” program of fabric and leather protection treatments that are environmentally responsible, as well as for dealers who desire a “dry” program that does not use aftercare treatments. Related cleaning product kits include solutions that can be used on fabric, leather, wood and stone. 

 According to Vice President of National Sales for Guardian Tim Vaughan , “In this economy, we had to have something very special, new and valuable to value-conscious customers to feel secure with their furniture investment. This is not a time for business as usual. We needed an edge, and this new alliance with Crypton clearly makes us best in class.”
The two companies are a great match: Guardian has led in the protection products industry since 1977, and Crypton, which makes fabrics and cleaning products, has 70 million yards of fabric installed in hotels, restaurants and health care chains — some of the harshest environments for fabrics in the world.
“By signing on with Crypton, The RoomPlace  will not only continue to deliver beautiful furniture its customers adore, but also furniture that is designed for mess-free, stress-free living,” says Randy Rubin, co-founder, Crypton Inc. “When customers see what Crypton fabric protection can do to keep furniture forever clean and fresh looking without the toxic chemicals traditionally used in other protection programs, they’ll  be asking for the Crypton-Guardian Protection Program when they walk into the store.”
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