Blu Dot’s Sexy Sleeper Sofa


As soon as the weather gets nice in Arizona, I start getting the calls from my family and friends in the north – they are ALL coming for a visit this fall it seems. Luckily I have a couple extra bedrooms to spare, but all my guests got me thinking about sleeper sofas and how ugly they usually are.

I found this great looking one, though, and am considering it for my contemporary office space, so that even more relatives and long lost friends can come crash at my place.

Blu Dot’s Flat Out, their newest sleeper sofa, coming to retailed stores across the US this September. The sofa, previewed at this year’s ICFF, is a cinch to convert from upright to sleeping position, and comes in rust or grey upholstery. Decked out with playful contrast cross-stitching, kicky French seams, and a solid steel base, it has enough pizzazz to liven up a room, yet is comfortable and inviting enough to just pass out on. More information is at You’ll also want to check out the other funky furnishings on this site. I could look at this stuff all day!

  1. I still think you would have to be careful to pull this one off….it has potential to NOT be sleek….but I could also picture it in some “Valley Ho” fashioned room looking great.

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