Bedol Water-Powered Clock is Colorful and Eco-Conscious


The Bedol Water-Powered Clock, with its stylish water drop design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally friendly product for everyday use. It might not be the most expensive toy in town, but it sure is fun and would add an element of color and playfulness to any bedside table.

With the ability to keep perfect, absolutely battery-free time, this eco-friendly digital water-powered clock will make a great accessory to any home or office. Just fill the tank with water, add a squeeze of lemon and it will last longer between water fill ups. Bedol products have been sold at selected retailers nationwide such as Saks Fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s.

Bedol is committed to do their part for the environment by offering eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. The Bedol Water-Powered Clock presents customers with a digital clock that eliminates the need for support.

A great feature for holiday gift ideas, this modish clock will please the eco-conscious and gadget-savvy person on everyone’s gift list. The retail cost of the item is $25.00.

Bedol features the latest in innovative products that gives a fun and edgy spin to traditional household and office items.

Mark Bedol, company founder, established the Bedol brand with popular inventions and designs such as: Checkmaster, a checkbook calculator that simultaneously balances three different accounts, the sleek looking spider clock and the Supersmart line of children’s school supplies.

Bedol products are also available at the company store: Bedol What’s Next, located at 456 W. First St. in Claremont, California (in Southern California outside of Los Angeles) and

  1. i really dont understand how this stuff works, but its sucha neat gadget i need to have one. dfor $25 i can afford to treat myself. its so cool!

  2. my son would just love this – he is away at college right now, and this might actually half him wake up for class!

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