Nine Ways to Decorate With Chalkboard Paint Around Your Home

Take coffee with you lettering.

Chalkboard paint has been a top prospect for home decorators and Pinterest afficienados for some time now, so why not go all out and decorate with  chalkboard paint?

Take coffee with you lettering.

Chalkboard paint can turn tabletops into a beautiful brainstorming space, it turns mismatched dishes into a customizable set of chalkboard china, and simply knows how to bring the party. Here are nine creative chalkboard paint projects you can DIY:

  1. Paint Those Wine Bottles: Painted wine bottles make great table numbers or favors at a a house warming or wine and cheese party.
  2. Chalkboard Drawers: Trouble remembering what’s in what drawer? Write down what goes where and everyone at home will follow suit.
  3. Workspace Bulletin Board: Love the idea of surrounding a workspace with places to draw and brainstorm. Saving trees and looking chic – its brilliant.
  4. Chalkboard Fridge: So cute and so easy! A great move for old or ugly refrigerators that you just can’t part with.
  5. Chalkboard Stairs: Adorable way to show off kids’ drawing skills. Or, add a quote or menu for the party. Options for this interesting detail are endless.
  6.  Chalkboard Headboard: Write messages of love to your significant other whenever you go out of town or leave early in the morning. Or, simply add a to-do list that you can’t miss!
  7. Chalkboard Table Runner: Write up the menu for guests, or leave some chalk out and let the guests create works of art to make the evening memerable.
  8. Drink Labels: Forget about wine charms or keeping tack – use decals to keep track of whose drink is whose.
  9. Framed Chalkboard: For a pretty simple hack, get a gorgeous frame and paint it in with chalkboard. Cute, cheap, easy artwork.

Chalkboard paint is a great way to DIY any thing in a home, it provides a quick update to items that you just can’t part with quite yet.

How is your favorite way to use chalkboard paint?

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