10 Home Decorating Tips to Update Any Space

Modern apartment interior

Updating a room can change the entire look of a room, or home. But, updating an entire room can be expensive or a headache of renovations.

Modern apartment interior
Modern apartment interior

Doing a little home update doesn’t require changing an entire room, or blowing a renovation budget. Sometimes, all it takes to update a space is a bit of paint and a few new decor accessories.

10 Home Decorating Tips to Update Any Space:

  1. Paint Ombré Stairs – choose consecutive colors on the same paint strip. A small, angled brush is best for edges; use a larger brush to fill in.
  2. Group Like Objects – ornamental mirrors, especially dramatic on a dark wall, make a striking wall display, or shelf arrangement.
  3. Spice Up a Coffee Table – a piece of fabric can completely alter the look of a glass-topped coffee table. For a simple update, wrap it around foam board and attach it under the top.
  4. Find The Wallpaper – not a typical wallpapered room. It doesn’t have to cover an entire room or even an entire wall. Add it to a small place, like kitchen backsplash or stair railings.
  5. Strike a Pose – brighten up an entryway or hallway by positioning a mirror to catch any natural light.
  6. Throw Up Some Curtains – using a small-scale pattern on window treatments will add interest to a room without overwhelming it.
  7. Picture It – adding a gallery wall with empty unique picture frames is a perfect way to make space of that empty wall.
  8. Mix and Match – mix up styles, but coordinate them—here, the yellow of the chair at the head of the table and in the slipcovers pulls everything together.
  9. Paint a Headboard – get the perfect headboard…by painting it on the wall.
  10. Pin It – cover bulletin boards with fabric that doubles as attractive artwork.

What are your favorite tips for updating a space?

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