Workout TIPS you should and should NOT be doing!

A lot of people don’t see the results they want to see at the gym, because they have BAD WORKOUT HABITS. Like long workouts of only moderate intensity . . . too much cardio and no strength training . . …..and taking too long between reps. I see this so often and honestly it gets you no where.

Look at my top 5 habits below that you should NOT be doing !

1. Long workouts of moderate intensity. There’s a reason they say, “No pain, no gain.” You can’t improve your fitness without pushing yourself. It’s much better to go 20 or 30 minutes at high intensity, than it is to go for an hour at a comfortable pace.

2. Wasting time between reps. Don’t look in the mirror, don’t check your phone, don’t start conversation with other people. Plan out a certain workout for a certain time period, and get it done.

3. Too much cardio and no strength training. Some people are all about burning calories, so they just focus on the treadmill. But building muscle is important too. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day.

4. Hydrating with sports drinks. Most sports drinks have too much sugar. Go with water instead …the extra electrolytes aren’t worth all the empty calories.

5. Doing the same exercises all the time. The more you do something, the more efficient your body gets at doing it. If you run half an hour a day for six months, you’ll start burning fewer calories. Try rotating your workouts on a regular basis.



1. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP: Sleep deprivation leads to increased levels of the hunger hormone and may lead to overeating and weight gain. Also, those that don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep also have an increased level of cortisol, which may lead to tummy fat.

2. EAT PROTEIN FIRST WHEN EATING A MEAL: This may keep you from overeating during the rest of the meal as it helps you feel full and satisfied and may support healthy blood sugar levels.

3. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL: Start prepping and packing your own meals. This will not only keep you from eating off your meal plan but also save you money from eating out. It can be hard to avoid social situations but if you are prepared it will help keep you from snacking on less healthy foods.

4. STOP THE LIQUD CALORIES: This is the easiest thing to stop and yet one of the hardest. Save hundreds of calories by exchanging water for fancy coffee drinks, soda, fruit juice and alcohol. Most people don’t drink enough water and now is a great time to start!

5. HIIT (high intensity interval training): HIIT combines periods of highly intense exercise, with less intense exercise, in intervals. HIIT helps you burn fat, and gets you fitter, quicker than steady state exercise. You also burn calories for hours after you are done.


Best of luck and HAPPY TRAINING!


Lower body circuit

Walking lunges (holding dumbells’s)- 20 / leg superset with
Plie squats (wide stance- holding one db in between leg)- 20 squats- 3 sets
Step ups- 15/leg- 3 sets
Walking lunges (holding db’s)- 20/leg superset with
Leg curls (35-55lbs)- 15 reps- 3 sets
Jump squats (really push off floor and jump as high as you can)- 15 jumps
Leg extensions (45-65 lbs)- 5 sets of 12 (only 20 sec rest)
Walking lunges- 20/leg (no db’s)

SPRINTS AT THE END ON A TREADMILL (INCLINE AT 15.0)– **IF you have bad knees you may jump on an arc trainer or simply walk post weight workout**



Thank you so much for reading!

Felicia Romero

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