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It is summer time and many of us are going on a summer vacation. Whether it is Disneyland with the kids, an exotic beach location or camping in the wilderness you can still enjoy your vacay without packing on unnecessary pounds in the process. Of course we want to enjoy ourselves but we can still be proactive in making some good choices as well as get in some exercise without even trying.

Remember, health is a lifestyle and I know for me I LOVE food but I also love feeling good on my vacation and eating badly at every meal only leaves me tired, sluggish and NOT wanting to sport a bikini of any sort. I have been in Costa Rica for the week and it was a very special trip for me. It was my birthday as well as participating in a bikini photo shoot….which I have not done in years. We all stayed in a private home with a cook that made all of our meals….3 meals a day. I enjoyed everything that Costa Rica had to offer, fresh fish, fruit like papaya, mango and pineapple, pork, beef, amazing desserts like flan and tres leches cake. I also brought snacks with me so that I could eat every couple of hours or when I got hungry. Nuts, Quest bars, almond butter packets and protein is what I snacked on through the week along with all that Costa rica had to offer.

To be honest, I did not workout  a lot but I did walk the beach, swam and did a couple days of band work with resistant bands that I usually travel with. Just making a conscious effort to be active will have you burning more calories than you think. For instance, walking the beach requires more effort because of the sand.  If you are on a trip to Disney, you will walk miles and miles that day….so you get exercise without even trying.



So here are some healthy tips to take with you on your next vacation:

1. pack some healthy snacks like nuts and protein bars

2. Eat in at least one meal a day

3. Try to eat a lean protein with dinner.

4. Do not drink your calories

5. Try to drink a lot of water

6. Take a walk after dinner

7. Do not skip breakfast — try to eat fresh fruit vs fruit juices and take advantage of local produce especially if in another country.

8. Pack some digestive enzymes and probiotics- may help with digestion

9. Bring some resistance bands and pack sneakers

10. Share desserts


Here is a beach workout if interested——-I shot in Costa Rica Click HERE for BEACH WORKOUT


Thank you so much for reading!

Felicia Romero

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